3 Sure-Fire Ways To Stay Fit During The Summer

Pop Quiz time! What season do most people struggle the most to stay healthy and fit? Is it: A) Winter (including Christmas) B) Spring C) Summer D) Fall I can almost guarantee that you are saying “A” right now because of Christmas, and and to be honest with you, when it comes to totally falling […]

How Do You Perceive Your Health & Fitness?

Does your perception of health and fitness determine its outcome in your life? What is your perception of health and fitness and how is it influencing your overall health and happiness?

The Virus In Your Brain Has You On It’s Leash!

Have you ever considered how powerful a mind-virus is? You know…those little habits and beliefs that float around in your head that were most likely placed there somebody else. Think about it… Most of society just “goes with the flow”. Why? Because it is EASY! A few examples… You go to a movie and you […]