Blissfully Ignorant Fitness!

Blissfully Ignorant Fitness Recognizing and Dismissing Self-Sabotaging Stories in Your Mind Hello there, my friends!  How the heck are you?  I hope you are treating life well.  I want to ask you a question, if you don’t mind?  Have you ever become super excited to start an exercise program–I mean really excited, motivated, and psyched? […]

Add Muscle, Build Metabolism, and Destroy Fat!

“Balancing Your Weights, Cardio and Nutrition for Maximum Results” Ok, you are talking to a friend you have not seen for a while, just shooting the breeze, when all of the sudden, you hear him say, “I just started a new exercise program and I am doing my cardio 6 times per week to burn […]

Weight Training for Beginners!

Hey all, it’s Griff.  I thought that I would give you guys some usable information that you can use today.  Today’s video is for all of you beginning weight lifters or all of you wanna-be weight lifters!  🙂  This is not a comprehensive guide to beginning weight training, but it will point you in the […]

New to Resistance Training? Here’s A Primer Guide To Get You Started!

Howdy all!  I just got done putting together a Powerpoint Presentation for a company that I will be speaking at tomorrow.  I thought that I would cut and paste the contents of it here so that you too can benefit from it!  I hope that you enjoy, and remember…life is good! Resistance Training Programming: The […]

Add Muscle … Build Metabolism … Destroy Fat!

This is a post designed to educate the public about the distinct roles that cardiovascular exercise and resistance training exercise has on the human body and how you can use it to help burn body fat.

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