Eating On The Go May Fuel Food Addiction…

In this article you will learn why it is not wise to eat on the run and how it can actually fuel food/sugar addiction,

Which Type of Exercise Is Best For Your Sugar Addiction?

In this short video Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Griff Neilson will talk about how exercise can help with sugar addition and what forms of exercise you should be implementing into your routine.

A Simple Trick To Destroy Your Treat Temptation

In this 4 minute video I will discuss a simple tip that many people overlook when trying to clean up their diet, avoid sugar and other junk foods.

The Addiction That Get’s a Free Pass…

In this post you will learn about the addiction that kills more people globally than any other addiction but nobody seems to care about…

The Seductive (and EVIL) Power of Processed Food

Right now you might be laughing at your computer screen as you say to yourself, “There goes Griff again, calling processed food EVIL. I wonder what little thing has him bothered today?” I totally understand. After all who in there right mind really feels like processed food is evil? How can it be that bad… Continue reading The Seductive (and EVIL) Power of Processed Food

How Your Emotions & Your Mindset Put Bad Food Into Your Mouth…

remember looking across the room at my client. She was raising her voice and tears began to flow down her face. “I can’t *&*% seem to get a hold of myself! No matter how hard I try or how many goals I set, I always seem to give into my sweet tooth and go overboard… Continue reading How Your Emotions & Your Mindset Put Bad Food Into Your Mouth…

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