Is Nutrition a “Spiritual Practice?”

Have you ever considered your nutritional habits as a spiritual practice? For millions of years of human evolution it was just that. Should we return to our roots?

How Sleep Deprivation Blocks Weight Loss…

Okay confession time. How many times have you been guility of thinking that weight loss is simply a matter of “calories in vs. calories out”? It is an easy trap to fall into but in truth is FAR from the truth and far from the big picture and it is a very rudimentary way of […]

Do You Avoid Doing HARD Things?

Hello my friend and happy Monday! I just wanted to share a super brief thought with you today that was inspired by one of employee’s (who is a Personal Trainer) clients. This particular client was frustrated because she was not making progress as quickly as she would have liked to. She frequently complained to her […]

The Seductive (and EVIL) Power of Processed Food

Right now you might be laughing at your computer screen as you say to yourself, “There goes Griff again, calling processed food EVIL. I wonder what little thing has him bothered today?” I totally understand. After all who in there right mind really feels like processed food is evil? How can it be that bad […]

How Your Emotions & Your Mindset Put Bad Food Into Your Mouth…

remember looking across the room at my client. She was raising her voice and tears began to flow down her face. “I can’t *&*% seem to get a hold of myself! No matter how hard I try or how many goals I set, I always seem to give into my sweet tooth and go overboard […]

Want To Learn How To Get Fit & STAY Fit? (Workshop)

Give Me Two Hours & I Will Take You Off The “Fitness Roller Coaster” FOREVER! Let me ask you an honest question…. Do you ever get tired of starting “something new” because you know deep down that you won’t follow through with it? Not sure what I mean? Sure you do…. Think about the last […]

A Simple Practice That Can Change Your Life…

Oh our brain…aren’t we so glad that we have one? Just think of all of the cool things that it does for us right?  It tells us when we are hungry, it helps us solve problems and it even helps us feel really good when we are experiencing a positive emotion. In fact our brain […]