Please let me clarify this title if you find yourself confused.  Two days ago I posted a posting labled “The absolute Must Nutritional Checklist”.  This particular blog was talking specifically about nutritional guidelines as it pertains to things that you should and should not eat.  This post is talking more about guidlines that will keep your nutrition clean and consistent…two very important points to  remember.  These guidelines are indirect but ironically just as important as the nutritional guidlines as they work hand in hand with one anot

1- Am I Consistent?

If you are good one day and then bad the next you will NEVER succeed in a lifestyle change.  It is absolutely critical that you are consistent in your efforts.  Please approach your new nutritional way of life as a permanent lifestyle change.  Also if you fall, please do not take the “all or nothing” approach and bomb.  Pick yourself up, and get going again.  Remember that you are trying to form habits that last a lifetime!

2-Do I use my Trainer as a Motivator and a Resource?

Remember that this is what we are here for!  If you have an issue that is preventing you from your goals PLEASE let us know so that we can help you.

3- DO I Track My Food for my Trainer to Review?

If you answer no to this YOU WILL FAIL. Please let me repeat that one more time…YOU WILL FAIL!  This is especially important to those of you that have not achieved a lifestyle change and are still in phase 1-3.  You will be surprised at the difference of what you think you are eating, and what you are actually consuming.  This is also your greatest opportunity to learn, as your trainer will critique your every nutritional move.  To tough you say?  Well then do not be disappointed when you do NOT get the results you are looking for.  Log on to for your tracking purposes.

4- Am I Prepared?

Life happens and there is a litany of excuses available to explain away our poor eating choices, but if you truly prepare your days, you will find success because you will not be tempted to make bad choices when good food is not available.  Pack cooler with good food Buy some good protein bars.  Pre-make some homemade meals for the week!  Whatever you do, be sure that you are prepared for when life happens.

5-Do I make Excuses?

NOTHING will kill your success faster than this single item.  Remember that excuses are nothing more than an option out of the lifestyle that you would like to live.  I have found that in nine years of doing this that those that make excuses fail and those that do not succeed.  Simple.  Stop your excuse making, and come up with solutions instead.  That is the only way to truly succeed in the long run.

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