It was a Friday afternoon. I had just gotten home from work for the day when I heard my kids request, “Daddy, can we go to the fair?”

“Sure”, I said trying to hide my disappointment.

After all who wants to go to a county fair on a Friday night?

Ah well…I was willing to take a hit for the team.

As we approached the fairgrounds I could smell all of the familiar smells. The cotton candy, funnel cakes and the infamous churro (I am not even sure I spelled that right…ha, ha).

“Ok Griff, you got this…put a smile on your face and remember that this is not about you”

Things got a little more interesting however when I heard a little more commotion than usual.

As I approached the entrance it became abundantly evident that there was a scene unfolding..

A couple in there early twenties were at each others throats and their voices were nearly shattering glass with piercing shouts and screams.

Multiple profanities coursed through the air as concerned parents covered their children’s ears and scudded them off quickly.

I on the other hand was loving life. Why? Because it was not just another boring county fair…there was drama unfolding! 🙂

Security finally found it’s way into the scene and shewed the couple and the crowd away.

Many parents were aghast, as they shouted at the couple…

“I can believe how thoughtless you are…don’t you know that there are kids around?”

“Get a room!”

Understandably they were upset.

But then something interesting happened…

I went for cover under a tree to get out of the sun when I saw one of the ladies that rushed her son out of the profanity barrage.

She had a huge stack of cotton candy and her son started to open his mouth like a bird awaiting the fresh worm.

His mother then went into a theatrical act as she said “INCOMING” and tore off a piece of cotton candy and dropped it like a bomb into her kids mouth.

I will admit that it was really cute.

But there was a tiny problem with this scenario.

Her son happened to be obese. I sat back and thought to myself, “Isn’t it interesting that so many people became upset with the profanities, yet NOBODY had a problem with this mothers choice of food for her obese son.

No judgement here…really.

My point is that there is a hidden addiction going on in this country that nobody seems to acknowledge beyond a superficial nod.

What addiction am I talking about?

I go into detail in this weeks video. Please click on it below:

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Life is Good!