Without question I will always ask my clients to do their meal prep and initially I usually get a response like the following:

“But Griff I am so busy! I really do not have time for this meal prep thing you keep asking me to do”

This is a direct quote from from one of my clients just last week. I have been working with him for years now and he continues to struggle with his nutrition.

I have been very forthright in saying that I believe that it is IMPOSSIBLE to be healthy long-term without the habit of healthy meal prep. In nearly 20 years of coaching people I have never seen somebody get fit and STAY there without a regular habit of meal prep.


Because most of us are caught up in abnormally busy lifestyles that make it difficult to factor in food prep.

I am sure that you experience the pressure of fast paced living everyday, but when it comes down to it, it still does not erase the fact that we still have a personal obligation to feed our bodies healthy food.

So what is the solution here?

I have found a quick fix for this that really is magic and it will actually save you time in the long run.

What is it you ask?

In a word….


Yes it is a made-up word and you will not likely find it in the dictionary but in you apply the magic of calendaring into your busy lifestyle you will be amazed at the productive habit that will be forged as a result.

Here is what I want you to do right this second.

Grab your phone right now and I want you to select a time of day that you can prepare healthy food for the upcoming day. For me I choose 7 in the evening after work.

Block it into your calendar and make sure that you put that event on repeat EVERY DAY WITHOUT EXCEPTION! The whole idea here is to form a physical and mental habit of getting your food prepared for the upcoming day so that you are not dependent upon America to bail you out of a grumbling stomach…hint….the outcome is rarely good! 🙂

So if you would like to lose more weight, have more energy or simply not have to constantly think about where your next meal is going to come from this simple practice will help you immensely.

But there is one small catch here…

It MUST be a priority.

It can’t be something that you will “get to” when you have time.

It certainly can’t be something that you will “fit in when things slow down”. I am here to tell you that this simple practice has to be one of the most IMPORTANT PRIORITIES OF YOUR LIFE…PERIOD!

Are you on board?

Is this sexy?


But are the results sexy…

You can be the judge of that in 6 months from now when you are a completely different person.

Please comment here on the blog. WHAT IS THE TIME THAT YOU WILL PUT INTO YOUR CALENDAR! I want to hear from you…

Life is Good!