Right now you might be laughing at your computer screen as you say to yourself, “There goes Griff again, calling processed food EVIL. I wonder what little thing has him bothered today?”

I totally understand.

After all who in there right mind really feels like processed food is evil?

How can it be that bad if 70% of our daily Standard American Diet (i.e., the SAD diet) comes from such foods?

How can it be evil or bad if we feel our kids this kind of food on a daily basis.

How can it be bad when our kids get a “treat” for being good while at the Doctor or Dentist?

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

When something becomes “NORMAL” because we engage in it day after day and we see millions of other people doing the same thing, it become very easy just to go with the flow.


The reality that I speak of is 3/4 of us American’s being overweight and/or obese…yes you heard that right.

The reality that I speak of is heart disease (a preventable disease) being the #1 killer world wide. This was not the case even 75 years ago.

The reality that I speak of is cancer rates climbing like wild-fire and not showing signs of stopping.

Is genetics to blame?

Not even close.

I personally believe that our LIFESTYLES are the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about.


Because that would require that we change our way of life and quite frankly we don’t want to do that.

I personally believe that our standard American diets are leading us down a trail of disaster.

In today’s video I describe how and why processed foods get us addicted and what we can do about it.

It’s not long but it is loaded with some great information that I hope will help you in you quest to change your lifestyle.

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Thanks for reading and viewing my friends and always remember…Life is Good!