Have you ever considered how powerful a mind-virus is?

You know…those little habits and beliefs that float around in your head that were most likely placed there somebody else.

Think about it…

Most of society just “goes with the flow”.


Because it is EASY!

A few examples…

You go to a movie and you automatically buy soda and popcorn

You go to a baseball game and you buy a hot-dog

You go to a work meeting and somebody asks, “what about the doughnut run? Come on people let’s make this official!”

You want to get in better shape but then think to yourself, “yeah but I am super busy right now so I don’t know how realistic it is at this point”

You eat healthy food but for some reason it is okay to buy your kids McDonald’s because it is cheap and convenient and you are too busy to make a real meal for them. With any guilt that remains you gently remind yourself that “they are kids and you don’t want to deprive them”. Plus everybody else is doing it so why shouldn’t you?

You go to a social event and you drink alcohol without even giving it a thought. Why? Because that is just what we do in America right? Why ask why? Don’t be weird right?

Your kids in playing little league sports and when it is time for you to bring the treat you imagine bringing fruit, but then you realize the shame and scorn of all the kids. How dare you bring good food! Can you even imagine how embarrassing that would be for you? 🙂

I could go on….and on….and on….

Today I want you to do something…

I want you to stop and examine your everyday behavior.

How much of it is coming from automatic behaviors and habits that you give little or no attention too?

How many of those behaviors are giving you the results that you hope for in your life?

In contrast, how many of your behaviors are just repeats of yesterdays habits and behaviors?

I don’t ask these questions to sound holier-than-thou or to come at you like a pious jerk.

I ask these questions because they breed AWARENESS in your life.

And it is only when you raise your level of conscious awareness that you can hope to change destructive or even mediocre habits that keep you stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel of life.

Go ahead…..observe yourself. Get your ego out of the way and call yourself out.

What habits of thought need to be disposed of or upgraded?

What habits are you engaging in just because everybody else is doing it?

Are you in a good mood most of the time? If not it is time to take out the garbage of your mind and fill it with some more fruitful food.

I know this may sound a little harsh and I get it.


It is good for you!


Because it will help you challenge the status quo and help you replace your habitual and often counter-productive thinking and behaviors with more empowering ones.

After all, how can you possibly replace a thought or behavior if you are not even aware of it in the first place?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this so PLEASE COMMENT!

You are awesome and remember….

Life is Good!