How many times have you got energized, motivated, and downright excited to start an exercise program?  You then commence in your efforts and find yourself exercising and/or trying to eat better.  You pat yourself on the back as you complete the first week.  The second week rolls around and you find yourself in a slight decline with your enthusiasm but you push past it and you make it through the week.   The third week rolls around and all of the sudden you find that your brain is making excuses about how busy you are.  “Maybe I will exercise and maybe I won’t” you tell yourself in any case you are justified because you are “busy” after all!  The fourth week rolls around and you find that you have slipped back into your old ways and you find yourself making more and more excuses as your exercise program faces extinction.

Sound familiar? 

We human beings have something brilliant that we rely on everyday for food, work, relationships and fun.  We also have something that causes us unnecessary angst, anxiety, and a plethora of excuses that truly limits our potential.  This “something” is YOUR BRAIN!  Your brain is programmed to keep things the same and anytime you try to do something to “better” yourself, your brain subconsciously kicks back.  The physiological mechanism responsible for this is called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and its sole purpose is to find and search for information from your past experiences that supports your OLD habits.  This is exactly why most gyms look like a ghost town come February!  You will always revert back to your old habits because you never address the most pressing problem…YOUR BRAIN!  If your outlook never changes, your actions will never change.

The Solution?

The only way to outsmart your inborn human nature is to actively form a new habit through the application of new actions and a new mindset.  As you start changing your behaviors in a positive way and you accompany your actions with a positive mindset, your mind begins to change.

Here at FitMent Infinity we understand that you must “First change the MENTAL before you are able to change the physical”.  The problem with most exercise programs is that they reverse the two or ignore the mental all together.  Isn’t it about time that you succeeded LONG-TERM?  If you are sick of failing, let us show you how to target those mental barriers that have body slammed your hopes time after time.  Our lifestyle change course is designed to help you first find your mental barriers.  We then make a plan of attack with goals and timelines, and hold you accountable to your plan each and every session.  You will be asked to perform in many different tasks and assignments that are geared to help change your mind set.   We make sure that you are actively combating your old way of thinking and replacing it with a new one.  Come and experience what it feels like to enjoy your new lifestyle by conquering your old ways of thinking!

Well there you have it my friends!  Remember you CAN change your thinking habits because life truly is GOOD!


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