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Meet Your Trainers

Griff Neilson, BS, NSCA-CPT, ACSM, EST, CHEK Level III Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Griff Neilson has over 17 years of experience as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur and has personally coached over 500 personal clients in health, nutrition, and mindset. In addition to personal clients, his life-changing courses and programs have also been implemented in over 10 corporations. Griff is also the newly published author of Exorcising Your Excuses: Heal Your Mind. Honor Your Body. Manifest Your Dream. He is a multiple certified Personal Trainer and Level III CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach/Nutritionist, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Utah. Having currently read over 200 books in personal development, psychology, nutrition and holistic health, Griff is equipped with both the knowledge and skills to take your mind and your body to the next level.

Griff Neilson has been on a mission to lift clients, employees, and organizations out of the ordinary and guide them into a lifestyle of extraordinary health, wellness, and mental freedom. Coupled with personal experience as a former sugar addict, and over 17 years mastering the mindset of wellness, Griff is uniquely committed to helping people get out of the unhealthy “norm” by mastering their mind and honoring their bodies. With years of formal education in nutrition and holistic health, combined with personal and professional experimentation, Griff now instructs corporations, universities, and private groups how to change their health and fitness lifestyle one step at a time.

Christina Johnson, NSCA-CPT

I have always loved being active, whether it be in the gym or out hiking. My fitness journey started when I struggled with postpartum depression after my last child. I wanted a more holistic way to heal, which brought me more into the world of weight training and aerobic classes. As I recovered, I realized I wanted to help others feel better mentally and physically. I have a strong passion for helping others, so I started coaching on an online forum, then decided personal training was the route I should go. I am NSCA certified, and I continue to grow my repertoire of fitness and nutritional knowledge. I write client specific workouts focused on their individual goals and provide support throughout their journey. I focus on teaching sustainable solutions to help clients create lifelong health and fitness habits. I know what it takes to create healthy habits that last because I have been there. My goal is to help clients become the healthiest and best version of themselves.

Nicholas Dunn, NASM-CPT

I have loved playing sports and competing, including martial arts, Gymnastics.  I have over 15 lifting titles, won 5 world records & championships in power lifting. I have also finished an 8 year contract as a combat vet… I know firsthand what it takes to get up and be motivated!  For over 17 years I have played, competed, taught and trained others with my expertise in health and fitness helping to balance their strengths and weaknesses in all areas. I am certified through (NASM) National Academy of Sports Medicine. I graduated from (NPTI) National Personal Training Institute in Personal Training and Exercise Science at Utah State. I have also been a judge for natural body building competitions(PNBA & INBA) I’m an intrinsically motivated professional, with strong goal oriented leadership skills and a desire to help people of all demographics and skill levels achieve their ultimate health and fitness goals. A fitness ideology, that promotes a holistic, sustainable lifestyle. With modifications through fun, scientifically robust, and diverse exercise programming. My true passion is helping people realize that they are capable of reaching goals they never thought possible through physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing!

I specialize in:

  •  – Strength & Conditioning / (SPE)Sports Performance Enhancement
  • – Osteoblast / Speedblast/ Power Lifting / Olympic Lifting
  • – Nutrition / Supplementation / Weight Loss Coaching
  • – Group / Home Training / 1 on 1 Training / Special Populations
  • – Breathing / Meditation / Pre & Post-Natal Exercise
  • – Corrective Exercise/ Flexibility / SMR / FMR / FMS
  • – Endurance / Circuits / Interval / Density training
  • – Cross / Stability / Balance/ Coordination Training
  • – Military Fitness/Kick Boxing / KB / RTX / Bear Training
  • – Nutrition / Holistic Coaching

Alice Nevile, BS (Exercise Science) NASM-CPT

I am a graduate from Weber State University with my bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in Nutrition. While attending Weber State I competed in Cross-Country and Track, participating in conference championships. This really was the beginning of sparking my interest in healthy exercise and good eating habits. I am a certified personal trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through NASM.


 I have worked at big box gyms, on my own, as a group instructor, and have finally found my home here at Lifelong Fitness. I am passionate about training because everyone deserves to be happy and that starts with our health. I strive to create a positive atmosphere to initiate growth. I hope to help anyone with a desire to challenge themselves physically and mentally to create more happiness in their life through healthy eating and safe exercise. 

Marty Loveless, NASM-CPT

Marty is a premier and experienced trainer who has been in the exercise and fitness industry for over 25 years. Her list of accomplishments and certifications is long and distinguished. Not only was she was chosen to launch the Nike Rockstar program for 24Hour Fitness in California, but she has also held the following the titles: Master Pilates Reformer Trainer, LesMills Grit Coach in 6 program formats,1993 Reebok National Bronze Medalist, and NBA Utah Jazz dancer for 2 years, among others. Her passion for health and fitness shows in her many years as a dancer and in her experience as an athlete/trainer. Her extensive and unique background allows her to be the perfect trainer to a wide range of people, including elite college athletes, obese clients with diabetes, youth speed and agility trainers, and pageant competitors. She is a NASM-CPT goal-driven advocate who loves to see her clients reach their lifestyle and fitness goals.

Lori Hanley, NASM-CPT

My passion for fitness started in my teenage years when I was first introduced to weight training.  I loved it! I loved the feeling of getting stronger, being stronger. Over the years my interest in fitness, health and nutrition continued to get stronger. It influenced me to seek information about those things, to learn and study that which would enhance my knowledge and understanding of all things related to Fitness.

My interest and desire for knowledge continues today. After raising my children, I decided to make my passion my career and became a NASM-CPT. I love that I am working in an industry which promotes health and wellness and helps people to better their quality of life. I also am excited to be working in a field for which I am passionate about.

I enjoy helping others to learn about resistance training, nutrition and all things related to living a healthier quality of life and establishing good habits. As I continue training others my commitment to expanding and improving my knowledge base will continue also. I strive to give the best quality of service to those clients I work with. 

Annette Turner - NASM-CPT, Certified Yoga Instructor

My love for fitness began early in my youth. As with many children I loved to swim, bike, roller-skate, ice skate, and various other outdoor sports. I also developed a love for tumbling and gymnastics and was a member of my high school team. From elementary through high school I enjoyed sprinting as well and held records for both the 50 and 100 yard.

Through the course of my life I have grown to love many forms of fitness and truly enjoy challenging myself by trying new things. My greatest passion however is that of martial arts.

I have been studying various forms since age 13 and it is through my practice and teaching of these disciplines that I have come to understand the importance of self-love and balance in life. My approach as a coach and personal trainer is to educate my clients, and provide the tools necessary, to help them live a better quality of life through proper nutrition, proper movement, and the development of a positive sense of self. 

My observation is that our greatest obstacles we face when setting out to achieve our goals are the limitations we place upon ourselves.  Abraham Maslow once said, “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” My hope is that, with proper guidance I can help you see the potential that is already present inside of you.

Lorin Jeppsen, BS (Exercise Sport Science), NSCA-CSCS, MS (Kinesiology)

I have a deep seeded passion for sports and fitness.  I have been involved in sports and fitness my whole life as a player, coach, or instructor.  My passion led to getting a B.S. degree from the University of Utah in Exercise Sport Science.  I was lucky enough to personal train at Lifelong Fitness 8 years ago prior to going on active duty Air Force.  While on active duty I was able to continue sharing my passion as a Unit Fitness Program Manager. I decided to continue my education and get my M.S. in Kinesiology and NSCA-CSCS.  Once again I am lucky to be back at Lifelong Fitness sharing my passion and helping others achieve their sports and fitness goals. Nothing makes me happier than helping others achieve their goals and sharing in the joy with them.

Chelsea Taylor, NASM-CPT

I started my fitness journey the end of 2019, I was at my heaviest point and my daughter took a picture of me when we were on vacation in Canada and I hated how I looked it disappointed me and I felt sluggish and unhappy so when we got back I kicked my butt into gear and started at a small gym after a year or so I was down 40lbs and I felt amazing! At that moment I decided I wanted to share that feeling with anyone who would be willing to let me! That’s when I decided personal training was my dream so that I could share my experiences and help others find their happiness in fitness like I did! It is honestly the best form of therapy to me and I think more people need that in their lives.

Cameron Jones, BS (Exercise Science) NSCA-CSCS

I have been involved in sports and fitness my entire life. It has been a lifestyle for me. After success early in life, I continued my athletic career at the NCAA division-I level. After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, I wanted to set myself apart from other students so I continued studying and sat for the Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam through the National Strength & Conditioning Association. I’ve maintained this certification since 2011. My ultimate goal is a career as a physical therapist. I will soon be applying to physical therapy programs.

Having competed four years at the NCAA D-I level, I have personal experience in sports performance and I know what it means to be at the next level. I accomplished top-10-in-conference finishes all four years of competition as a 400-meter hurdler.

After my D-I days, I also competed in olympic weightlifting competitions and shooting competitions. I’ve worked in NCAA division-I strength & conditioning, youth strength & conditioning and, coaching the olympic lifts. I’ve played a part in post-rehabilitation conditioning for many just out of physical therapy who wanted more strengthening to take on life’s adventures. I’ve helped clients prepare for a wide variety of events from the new Army Combat Fitness Test to general conditioning. I have the heart of a teacher. I’ve trained folks of a wide age range from 11-71 with the focus of longevity of exercise. My motivation is to prepare you to meet challenges that may cross your path outside the gym by developing your strength and coordination to avoid injury and to live your highest quality of life.

Beyond the gym, I am a daddy to three awesome kids and husband to my trophy wife. I combine the weight room with firearms skill development, guiding canyoneering excursions and, practicing Brazilian Jiu jitsu. 

Jeniffer Jones, NASM-CPT, NASM-Nutritionist

Health and wellness are core to my beingness. I started on a weight loss journey over 15 years ago which led to friends and family seeking my expertise further catapulting my life changing journey. I earned my Social Work degree in Health and Human Services from Alfred State University, various Fitness and Nutrition certifications including NASM, Zumba, BeachBody, Reiki and Chakra Healing, Holistic Functional Medicine, and Life Coaching. Authored, Trained and Taught Emergency Preparedness, Search & Rescue, and Leave No Trace for BSA and RedCross. I’ve taught Goal Setting, Motivational Programs and Behavioral Modification and Life Changing Skills.

My health was failing at over 300lbs. I had a plethora of health and medical issues which if left unaddressed would mean my demise within 10 years. With sheer determination and a will to live, I started down a path, and refused to relent. I lost over 170 lbs, and I’m in the best shape of my life.

My story is not unique, however, it most certainly gives me the knowledge and know-how needed to understand the struggle which so many face in our world. Having overcome so many obstacles in life AND health, has given me a vast amount of experience, knowledge and compassion for those of us who face the variety of challenges life throws at us, boldly without fear!

Let US help you face yours. We at Lifelong Fitness are change agents who Rock the Challenge, capable of being the Rock Pillar needed to support you in becoming your BEST YOU. Congratulations on choosing to take charge of your life, embracing your challenges, and striving to be your best version!

Pete Stokes - NASM-CPT

Hi, my name is Pete Stokes. I began a career in Law Enforcement 27 years ago in Tennessee. During my first 6 years I suffered from being overweight, tired, depressed, full of anxiety, and overall body dysfunction. 

In 1998, I moved to Utah and was amazed at the landscape and beauty of it. I wanted to take advantage of my environment, but I was always too tired. So, I took a year off from Law Enforcement and started moving towards a healthier lifestyle.   Once I started back in Law Enforcement, I was amazed at not only how I performed, but how well I adapted to the daily stresses of life and work.

My last 20 years in Law Enforcement have coexisted with my steady growth and application of knowledge to not only help myself and fellow officers, but my clients as well.

My goal is to help others to find and use the power they have within to become healthier and live a fuller and more productive life. 

“Getting” older is “allowing” life to move you in a direction. “Growing” older is performing at our best to move in the direction we “choose”.  

Choose Growth. 

Tahyla McKay, NASM-CPT, NASM-Nutritionist

Growing up, I loved to be active and participate in sports and other physical activities. You name it, I wanted to try it! Volleyball, softball, basketball, running and, hiking just to name a few. Moving my body made me happy and it felt good to be involved.

I started training at Lifelong Fitness as a client years ago. I fell in love not only with Lifelong Fitness as a gym, but with weight training and the health and fitness industry. As I began to work with a trainer, I started to feel stronger and better than ever. Lifelong Fitness was the beginning of my own health journey and helped me discover the passion I now have for health and fitness. This led me to compete in my first NGA Bodybuilding Competition, run my first half marathon, and participate in a variety of other events. I decided to pursue this passion even further and become a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach through NASM.

I love learning and gaining any information that I can to help increase my own knowledge in this field. Ultimately, I hope to help clients achieve their own goals and gain their best possible results. As a trainer I will strive to do my very best to listen and tailor programs specific for each individual and their unique goals. I feel incredibly blessed to be back at Lifelong Fitness and be able to help others grow and be successful on their own fitness journey.

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