Hello, my friends!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend filled with great fun!  Today, I want to briefly talk about something that can be a little sensitive.  Before I do, please know that I don’t wish to hurt feelings or come across as judgmental.  My purpose in today’s post is to show you a perspective that most people don’t see.

I want you to think about our beliefs regarding current medical system. In general, we have been raised to believe that when we get sick or when something goes wrong with our health, we should go to the doctor to “fix” it.  We have been raised to believe that our healthcare system will keep us healthy and well.  In fact, the following slogan is often subtly embedded in the marketing strategies of our current healthcare institutions: “WE will keep you healthy and happy.”  With these and similar messages, we begin to trust that the medical establishment is “there for us” when we need them.

Although I will be the first to admit that I am blessed to live in an age of modern medicine, I have to question if we have excessive trust in our medical system?  Has this excessive trust alleviated us from our own personal responsibility to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?

Take, for example, type II diabetes.  Annually, we spend billions of dollars “trusting” our medical system to help us deal with the symptoms of a disease that is largely brought on by our own actions.  In reality, if we trusted OURSELVES, we would not need the help of the medical establishment in the first place.  If we limited our sugar and processed foods, we would not need to spend hundreds of dollars on diabetic meds, surgeries, and other treatments that decrease the quality of our lives.

We show a lack of trust in ourselves when we tell ourselves stories that help us avoid our own personal responsibilities.  As a continued practice, I believe that is wise to trust ourselves by holding ourselves accountable.  For starters, you can ask yourself the following questions:

-Am I eating natural/whole foods that are building my health?
-How much junk/processed foods comprise my diet?
-Am I putting my health first, or does it come second to my “busy life?”
-Am I allowing myself free time and time to have fun?
-Am I exercising my mind and my body on a daily basis?
-Am I continually challenging myself in healthy ways?
-Do I trust that I am ultimately in charge of my health?

I can promise you that your life will forever change when you realize that YOU are the one in charge of your health.  Yes, there are always exceptions to the rules, but, by and large, you are the one who makes decisions day in and day out that will ensure your health or detract from it.  This can be a sobering reality for those of us that have been taught to “believe in the system,” but it ultimately is liberating when we realize that the first person that needs to be trusted is NOT a man or a woman in a white coat: The first person that needs to be trusted is YOU!

I challenge you to trust yourself starting today.  Trust in yourself that you CAN change.  Trust in yourself that you can start taking small positive steps today.  Trust that you are the CEO of your health, and you call the shots.  It is time to shift into a state of personal empowerment and out of a state of dependency. You CAN do it! It is in your DNA!

Life is Good



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