So the US government is moving to “loosen” regulations on GMO crops. Trump recently signed an executive order that directs federal agencies like the USDA, FDA, and EPA to:

“develop awareness and education programs to gain acceptance of new technologies by consumers and global trading partners.”

I think that this is one of the biggest loads of bull that I have ever heard.



If you truly look into GMO and the big bio-tech companies like Monsanto you will quickly find out that they are NOT concerned about your health in any way, shape or form regardless of their endless PR campaigns.

To be honest this really pisses me off that our own government is so in bed with private sector entities that don’t give a damn about our health.

I am also tired of the average American THINKING that these fancy executive orders and initiatives are for our good. To be fair I don’t blame them for thinking this way because why would our own government NOT have our best interest at heart?


Follow the $ baby!

“But Griff get with the 21st century and open your heart to this technology. It is providing more food to millions of people around the planet.”


The farming methods of today are depleting our soil of essential microorganisms that ensure our health….

You know….

Those little guys in the soil that are responsible for vitamin synthesis, mineral deposition, and making nature compost called humus that is essential for nutrient rich crops.

How can you hope to maintain rich soil when you are spraying pesticides 24 /7 on GMO pesticide resistant crops and literally killing off those micro-organisms?

Oh, but I know we know better than Mother Nature…we got this right?

I get tired of technological hubris and the arrogance that surrounds those promoting it.

Ladies and gentlemen these foods are NOT real foods that Mother Nature makes for us and our bodies are NOT recognizing them as such.

I know you think I am ranting here, but I have studied this enough to know that we are being sold a big lie in the form of GMO.

What are your thoughts here? Do you feel like this is a good thing? Are we moving in the right direction as a country? I would love to hear your thoughts. I promise to be respectful if you dissent from my opinion. 🙂

Life is Good despite the stupidity of our own government when it comes to our health.

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