Give Me Two Hours & I Will Take You Off The “Fitness Roller Coaster” FOREVER!

Let me ask you an honest question….

Do you ever get tired of starting “something new” because you know deep down that you won’t follow through with it?

Not sure what I mean?

Sure you do….

Think about the last time that you told yourself that you were not going to eat so many carbs.  You made the resolution on Monday and by Friday you crying “deprivation” as you scooped yourself your next bowl of cream.

Maybe you made it a little longer than a week, but I am willing to bet that it was not much longer.

Your Habits Will Not Change Until You Change Your MIND…

About 10 years ago I took on a new Personal Training client that I shall call “Madison”.

Madison was an interesting one…

She wanted to “shape up and firm up” and in her mind she was going to do that by increasing her “cardio and weights”.

Knowing that she was setting herself up for failure, I intervened.

“Madison, I hope you know that you won’t hit your goals with exercise alone right?  You will have to make significant changes to your diet as well”.

She looked at me funny and then uttered her famous last words…

“No I Won’t…I Just Need To Exercise More…”

In her mind she had a belief and that very damning belief was not to be challenged or interrupted.

Fast forward 4 years of no nutritional change coupled with hundreds of hours of intense Personal Training.

There was very little physical change…

No weight loss..

And not nearly the amount of “toning” that she had hoped for.

“Griff I am ready to listen now.  I want to learn more about nutrition”

One day she approached with with a sheepish look on her face.

“Griff I am ready to listen now.  I want to learn more about nutrition”

Long story short, Madison began to apply my nutritional advice and quickly dropped 8% body fat and now sports 6-pack abs and is in phenomenal shape.

“You Gotta Fix Your Dam Mind”

Notice the spelling above…no I did not swear.

The reason that Madison remained stagnant for nearly 4 years is because her mind was riddled with conditioned beliefs that damned her physical progress like water being held back by a dam.

You Are No Different…

It’s not a knowledge gap that is standing between you and your fitness goals.

It is not a lack of information on the internet…

It is not even a lack of will-power

It goes much deeper than that.

Discover Your Inner Rock Star!

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I will shoot you more details next week so be ready!

Life is Good!

Your friend…


PS:  If you are interested please leave a blog comment and let me know.  It will not be a formal RSVP at this point but I want to get a feel of the interest level.

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