Problems, problems PROBLEMS!

Why is it that we always have to have problems in our lives?  Wouldn’t life be nice without so many problems?

At times I want to agree with this 100%.  It would be really nice not to have problems in our lives


That’s just not the way that it works.  I recently had a conversation with a friend and during our conversation I realized that she was looking at her life’s adversity as her enemy.  I asked her to re-frame her problems and look for ways in which those problems might be trying to teach her something valuable.

Well, apparently this was NOT what she wanted to hear as voice morphed quickly into that of a Drill Sargent…

“Griff don’t be giving my your new-aged bull-*&^!  when I have REAL problems.  Problems are just a part of life and they don’t necessarily have to teach you anything…spare me!”


Well, I still have to descent.  I firmly believe that our problems are designed to help us become stronger human beings IF we are humble enough to look past the present problem and be OPEN to the lesson that life is trying to teach.

In the 4 minute video below I share my thoughts as to why I believe adversity is our best friend.  Check it out here:

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Life is Good (even with adversity)