Hello my friends,

I wanted to shoot you a quick email and ask you a quick and sincere question.

Do you ever get confused about nutrition?

What about exercise?

I want you to dig deep here and look at your life for the answer,

Have you been on diet after diet over the years?

Have you been on the exercise roller coaster fraught with highs and lows, following a trend for a while and then falling off of the wagon?

Here is one of my major observations and I want to see if you agree with it.

As I observe society, fads, trends, and see the “flock mentality” in full bloom (such as Keto, or any number of diets) it becomes extremely clear to me that we OVER COMPLICATE THINGS TO THE MAX!

Let’s take nutrition as an example. The vast majority of the clients I have coached over the years have fully admitted that they are confused by nutrition and have felt frustration as a result.

“What macro-range should I be in?”

“How many calories should I be eating?”

“I heard fat is bad for you”

“I heard carbs are bad for you”

“I heard fruit is bad for you”

On and on the confusion goes.

Whew….sounds exhausting and frustrating!

As it should be! I certainly understand why it might feel confusing with all of the options, choices, conflicting “expert” opinions available to us and more.

But do you want to know the TRUTH?

Oh you are going to like this…

Nutrition is NOT complicated! It never was intended to be and if you are properly informed it does not have to be for you either.

A few months back I made a video about this subject that turned out to be one of my most popular video’s and I wanted to share it with you today.

Click on the link below:

This will give you a very solid understanding of my nutritional philosophy and I truly believe it can spare you a lot of headaches and confusion so please enjoy and be sure to COMMENT or reply to this email with questions or comments.

Life is Good!

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