Have you ever thought about getting in shape and you get excited and super motivated?

Maybe the feeling lasts for a day or maybe it lasts for a week.

Until you take a step back and you realize that your life as you know it is OVER! No more ice cream before bed. No more sleeping in because now you have to get to the gym in the morning before work. No more care free eating what you want and when you want. Gone are the days of satisfyinig your sweet tooth whenever you please.

When you look at the big picture of what it takes to get in shape and stay that way it is easy to become overwhelmed and possibly even discouraged.

Take heart.

It is time to stop feeling overwhelmed and it is time to start enjoying your JOURNEY to fitness instead. So many people see their end goal in their minds eye and they feel an unrealistic urgency to get there “RIGHT NOW”. Week #1 passes and they step on the scale….

“What only 3 lbs down! What is going on here…I have been exercising like crazy and my diet has been on point!”

May I offer a more sustainable solution to your problem?

Go ahead and make your grandiose plan on how to get in shape…you should! Plan out your exercise days, what you will do, your nutrition plan and so forth…


What will give lasting results and mental breathing room is when you take ONE THING and make it your focus.

Let’s take water intake as an example. Set a water goal for the week and devote 100% of your mental and physical energy to that objective. That does not mean that you can’t exercise or do anything else that you planned earlier, but your FOCUS is set on that water goal.

Your intention is to master this ONE goal so that you build MENTAL MOMENTUM which will allow you to tackle bigger goals in the future. The amount of focused energy that you feel when you apply this principle is insane and the best part about it is that you will not feel overwhelmed, frustrated and ultimately burned out by trying to focus on 5 different nutrition and fitness goals at once because some silly fitness challenge tells you that you should. And if you are honest with yourself do those “fire hose” approaches ever last beyond the duration of the “challenge” or “competition?”

This is about LIFESTYLE CHANGE my friends…not about quick fix.

I promise you that you will find better LONG-TERM results with this method.

Try it and see and then let me know how it works!

Best of luck and remember…

Life is Good!

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