Last week we went over the first 5 steps in becoming excuse free in your pursuit of Lifestyle Change.  This week we continue.  If you haven’t read the first installment, I would encourage you to do so as a good preface to what you will read here.

Step #6:  Remember it is NOT as hard as everybody tells you!

We have been cultured since our youth to believe that “change is hard”.  I would like to challenge this conventional (false) wisdom.  I want to present this to you by first having you sit down in a quiet place and have you visualize EXACTELY what your ideal lifestyle looks like.  Be very specific.  How do you feel?  What do you look like, what is your energy level like, ECT?  Now I want you to shift back into your current state and examine the exact same things.  Now contrast the two lifestyles and you tell me which one is harder to live?

The point is that we think about how hard it is to change…and yes change can be hard but it is NOT any harder than the grief our present lifestyle presents to us on a daily basis.  Obesity, low energy from lack of exercise, poor nutrition and a host of other personal habits MAKES OUR LIVES HARDER THAN IT NEEDS TO BE!  So to rectify this I propose that you take a big breath, be confident and bold as you change your habits

Step #7:  ACTION

We all know that sitting around and thinking about our goals, our plan of action and roadmap will do nothing to promote lifestyle change.  You must get off your butt and start moving as planned.  Remember your plan of attack was step # 4 from last week, now it is time to actually execute it.  You may be uncomfortable or not confident in doing it as first, but don’t fear…that will change.  Your self confidence will grow and you start to see the small changes in your life.

Step #8: Never Blame Anything or Anyone…EVER AGAIN!

This is one of the most crucial steps you can implement.  You may be saying to yourself “well, I don’t blame anybody or anything”.  While that may be true, chances are that you use the “blame game” more than you think.  Blaming others is an indication of your maturity level.  The more you blame, then less proactive you are in changing your own life and you surrender your own ability to make choices.  Your character is dinged every time you blame.  When blaming starts, you essentially surrender your God-given ability to make choices for yourself and not be acted upon by others.  Nobody can ever take away your agency.  So if you find yourself constantly making excuses for your failures or blaming others for them, it is time for a fresh start.  You ARE in control and have the ability to make wise independent choices for yourself.


Step #9: Positivity Activity

This can be a life changing activity if you let it be.  I want you to take the next 30 days and write down every negative comment that comes out of your mouth.  On the opposite side of you paper I want you to write just the opposite…I want it to the positive opposite.  You will be amazed at how addicted you are to negativity and pessimism.   Remember to succeed long-term you must have a positive mindset.


Step #10: Recondition your Subconscious Mind!

This single step will take me a whole blog, so that is exactly what I will do.  Next week I will write on this subject in an easy to understand format.  Suffice it to say right now, if you can apply these first 9 steps you will already start the process of re-programming your subconscious mind.

Well there you have it my friends!  I am excited to have you try these steps.  They are rooted in timeless principles that if applied can change your life.  This is my sincere hope. Until next time remember that…


Life is good!


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