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At our gym, every private coaching client is assigned a dedicated personal trainer to work with. You'll receive customized workouts, nutrition coaching, and accountability to help you achieve the results you deserve.

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Lifelong change is closer than you think. And you can have it without the futility, intimidation, confusion, and ego that you may have faced going it alone at the big gyms.

Lifelong Fitness is a personal training gym where you will be empowered to get unstuck. Finally shift not just your health and fitness, but the underlying mindset, habits, and beliefs that shape your life. From trainers with degrees in exercise science and other credentials far above industry standards, comprehensive nutrition coaching, custom routines built just for you, and 24/7 private access to our gym to our full 5 Power Pillar Coaching Program by Griff Neilson, you’ll have everything you need to transform faster than you thought possible. More than that, you’ll have the power to permanently get off the fitness rollercoaster and change for good.

Marie Loosle

Lifelong Client Profile:

Marie lost 13% body fat on the Lifelong 5 Power Pillar Program


Body Fat: 29%
Hips: 42.5″
Weight: 156 pounds


Body Fat: 16%
Hips: 37.5″
Weight: 132 pounds

Marie Loosle Before_After
JB Before_After

Lifelong Client Profile:


JB went from 20% body fat to a staggering 6% on the Lifelong 5 Power Pillar Program

Body Fat: 20%

Body Fat: 6%

4 Month Transformation!

Lifelong Client Profile:

Alisa Kammeyer

Alisa achieved her goals and lost 8% body fat on the Lifelong 5 Power Pillar Program


Body Fat: 23%
Weight: 118


Body Fat: 15%
Weight: 112


Alisha Kammer Before_After
Dan Kemp Before_After

Lifelong Client Profile:

Dan Kemp

Dan lost an amazing 22% body fat in just 1 year on the Lifelong 5 Power Pillar Program

Body Fat: 38%

Body Fat: 16%

Lifelong Client Profile:

Bri Hendrix

Bri lost 10% body fat in just 5 months on the Lifelong 5 Power Pillar Program

Bri Hendrix Before_After
Briant Before_After

Lifelong Client Profile:

Briant Carter


For the past 55 years, I’ve struggled to build up muscle. I had sufficient knowledge of weight training and nutrition, but I wasn’t making the progress I wanted. I was getting old and felt time was running out for me so I decided to hire a professional. I needed help to manage the basics, but was surprised at how multi-faceted that would become. Lifelong Fitness came highly recommended. Hiring a personal trainer was the missing link. Peace of mind has come in knowing, given my circumstances, this is the best shape I can be in, and my actions are effective and tailored specifically to my goals. Griff is an incredible mentor, who has guided me through roadblocks I never knew existed; to a point where I am finally seeing results.

Ready to get off of the roller coaster?

STUCK, a vicious cycle, a roller coaster ... whatever you call it, our clients have been there too.

Failure Phase 1

You get inspired to get in shape

Failure Phase 2

You make big plans and maybe buy some new gear.

Failure Phase 3

You take action for a while.

Failure Phase 4

Life starts to get in the way.

Failure Phase 5

Your routine becomes hit-and-miss and you sometimes get down on yourself for losing momentum.

Failure Phase 6

Some of your old ways creep back into your life.

Failure Phase 7

You get frustrated with your plan.

Failure Phase 8

You start the cycle again thinking, THIS time it will be different.



The Lie Is...


All you’re missing are a little more advanced, more cutting edge techniques and “hacks” and you’ll start to transform like you’ve always wanted to. You need the newest secrets Hollywood stars use to transform their bodies in just weeks…

Wrong!! 🤯

Make no mistake, at Lifelong Fitness, we stay on the cutting edge of fitness research like NO one else in Utah.

BUT, even some of the best research that comes out of the fitness world actually backfires for most people.

So what is the real key to getting off the fitness rollercoaster? 

The Magic Key To Lifelong Health and Fitness

If you learn nothing else for the rest of your life about getting fit, no matter how much money you spend, we promise, this will be the most valuable thing you learn, and we’re going to give it to you free right now: 

In almost every case, people with the most dramatic long-term transformation stories did it with one simple method: They focused on ONE thing at a time. More importantly, they focused on one thing that was right for them at that time. 

You should read that box above one more time because it is the key that we have used to help literally hundreds of people turn their lives around. We’ll get back to that in a minute. For some reason, our culture worships at the altar of “multi-tasking”.  But multi-tasking does not really exist.

The human brain is designed to focus on ONE task at a time and one task only.  Sometimes it may feel like it is focusing on more than one thing, but in reality it is rapidly switching from one task to the next.

So if we can get over the whole “multi-tasking” lie that society keeps perpetuating then…and only then, can we start to make progress on our health and fitness goals. 


Why? Because that is how you build mental momentum. Think about it.

You can either focus on 25 different things at a time which breeds confusion, frustration and overwhelm. Or you can focus on a simple, yet powerful habit change that can drastically alter your lifestyle for the better. 

Master that single habit and then move on to the next.  Rinse and repeat and 6 months from now you will have lost all of the weight you hoped to lose, gained teenage-like energy, and feel as confidant a s Superwoman or Wonderman.

And in case you are wondering that is exactly what we do here at Lifelong Fitness.  As coaches and mentors we help you dial in on the ONE THING that is most relevant to meeting your health and fitness goals so that you can master it and then move onto the next level of mastery!

The Real Reason You Keep Ending Up Back On the Health & Fitness Rollercoaster

I have been going to Lifelong Fitness for over six months now. Griff and his staff have made me feel very at ease being in the gym. This is something I have always wanted to do but for a thousand silly reasons why, I never did. I am very comfortable walking in to the gym now and my trainer and the other staff are not only knowledgeable and help me achieve my fitness goals but they make me feel part of the family. The equipment and setting is very easy going and there is a very positive vibe that you get from being there. If you have ever wanted to have the whole gym experience broken down into an easy and understandable process then Lifelong Fitness will break down all the barriers and give you the strength, confidence and understanding to go to the gym and achieve your fitness goals!
Bobby Moon
Kaysville, UT

Why do you keep getting back on the rollercoaster? Think of it this way…

When it comes time to make positive change in your life you can draw from one of two places in your brain.

#1: Your conscious mind

Guess which option most people use

Most people try to use their CONSCIOUS mind which houses your hopes, dreams, desires and goals.

They might listen to a motivational speaker and get inspired to lose weight and get healthy and so they then make the CONSCIOUS decision that they are going to increase their willpower and make it happen!

So let’s pretend this conscious part of your brain is the left side (its not in reality so don’t go and Google it…it’s just for sake of illustration) 😉

This is what most people refer to as your MINDSET and they speak of it as though it is the complete package and that is on ONLY thing that needs to be changed.

“Focus on improving your mindset” they say.

So you focus on being “positive” or increasing your desire to change.  Using these positive emotions you set sail to start changing your habits.

But Your Conscious Mind Has an Evil Twin That Wants To Sabotage You…

But despite your conscious zeal, passion and desire to make improvements in your life you keep falling short and going back to square one as time passes.

You get frustrated because you have already worked on your “mindset”.

“Why Does This Keep Happening to Me” You Ask Yourself…

And here is the dirty little secret…

It keeps happening because your only addressing your conscious mind and you are neglecting it’s evil twin THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND!

#2 Your Subconscious Section

Just in case you are wondering, and I hope you are because it has the power to make or break your long-term health and fitness habits.

Your subconscious mind is really the part of your brain that is calling the shots despite the best of your “conscious efforts” that we just mentioned.

Your Conscious Mind is Facing A Much, Much More Powerful Sibling, The Subconscious, That Has Plans Of Its Own.

So trying changing your mindset is the wrong approach.

I first met Griff in 2003 and for thirteen years I have continued training with him at Life Long fitness because I like that it’s not another fad gym or workout trend that is here today and gone tomorrow. I needed something different than what was being offered at other Gyms and Griff has helped me achieve success through the years by providing sound nutrition plans, excellent training programs, and lots of mental support and motivation. The entire team at Lifelong Fitness iscommitted to helping people be the healthiest version of themselves as possible and they provide the tools and guidance necessary for this to happen. I am extremely grateful that I met Griff all those years ago and I can truly say that my life is better because of the changes he has helped me incorporate in my life. I am proud to call him a friend, and I am proud to be a member of Life Long Fitness.
Kelly Chatterton
Kaysville, UT

I want you to never forget what I am about to tell you…in fact write it down and read it daily…. “ALL ACTIONS ARE BELIEF DRIVEN”


In other words you have can the best desires and intentions in the world brimming out of your conscious mind, but if your subconscious mind is filled with old beliefs and programming about how much of loser you are, or how much you lack will-power, or how bad your genetics are so “why even try?” kind of beliefs then….



Without the right mindset that lets the conscious and subconscious stand together instead of undermine each other, the best training in the world won’t work – no matter who is delivering it.That is what sets us apart from other training programs… we have the BEST mindset reconditioning program out there!

We will teach you proven techniques and skills to rewire your brain to break unhealthy thought patterns, habits, overcome past traumas that are causing you to hold on to fear, unhealthy eating, thoughts, etc.


If we can successfully help thousands of other people overcome their past and create healthy mindsets, then I am confident we can help you too!

I have been at Lifelong Fitness for well over a year now and I have to say that it is the best personal training gym I’ve been to. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. I like having a trainer plan out my workouts and keep me accountable. The gym has all the equipment needed for a great workout and I’ve already recommended the place to a few friends and family members.
Spencer Young
Kaysville, UT

How our program is different and better than anything else out there

Our 5-Power Pillar Coaching System That Virtually Guarantees Lasting Change


Pillar 1: Mindset

We will take you through a 7-step sequence that is designed to help you change the way that you think by helping you find the root reasons WHY you want to change.  These are emotionally charged reasons that pack the power necessary to help you make the right decisions even when life gets hard and you don’t want to.  Essentially, we are helping you to find your “WHY”.


Pillar 2: REALISTIC Goal Setting

We will help you set reasonable long, mid and short-term goals that are realistic to your goals and desires and will we revisit them regularly.


Pillar 3: Strategy

This is where things get fun because we will show you step-by-step how you are going to get to your goals and STAY there!  Think of this as your “big picture view” of HOW you are going to accomplish your goals.


Pillar 4: Focus on Your ONE Thing

We know that it can be hard to think about change and make all of the necessary lifestyle adjustments.  In fact, it can be flat out overwhelming.  That is why we we’ll NEVER ask you to do more than you are capable of or WILLING to do.We are going to take a lifestyle journey together and to do what we need to be able to focus on ONE thing at a time so that we can make mini victories that will eventually turn into big victories.


→  Pillar 5: Accountability & Mentorship

In all honesty we will provide you with the accountability and the mental and physical tools to succeed but it is entirely up to you to IMPLEMENT them.

There are two undeniable truths that need to be addressed when it comes to changing your lifestyle.  First is that changing your habits is absolutely required for lasting results.  There is no shortcuts and you can’t fool yourself. 

Second is the truth that changing your habits just happens to be one of the HARDEST things that you will ever encounter in your lifetime.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the millions of people    getting onto the health and fitness roller coaster, trying different exercise plans, diets, coaches, ect. all to fall back to their old ways again.

Having gone through similar transformations ourselves we are here to help you through your journey!  We offer accountability in its many forms whether you need expert advice, tough love, compassion and understanding or just a nudge in the right direction we are here to make sure that you understand your program and stick to it.

I started with LLF in August 2016 and my boyfriend joined me a month ago. When I started, I couldn’t do a regular pushup and now I can do over 30! I’m so happy about my increased strength. The personal trainers at LLF really care about helping you find the health you want. Everyone is friendly and says hello…asks you how you’re doing and really listens. It’s a great environment for workouts! So much different than the beauty contest at other gyms! Thank you Marty Loveless for helping me on my path to true health and fitness!
Tami Donavon
Kaysville, UT

The Lifelong Way Vs. Regular Gyms


Lifelong Fitness Personal Training Gym

👍 Personal training dynamically tailored to you.

👍 Personal trainers with a minimum of a 4 year degree.

👍 Comprehensive nutritional counseling for your goals

👍 No pushing expensive supplements on clients

👍 Formal accountability program.

👍 Six week "Nutrition is Life Training Series".

👍 Truly customized Exercise programs based on your current needs.

👍 Family friendly, non judgmental environment without ego.

👍 24/7 Private access.

👍 No initiation fees.

👍 You only pay for comprehensive training and coaching, not membership fees.

👍 Small, uncrowded private gym setting.

👍 Focused and formal programs for lifestyle change.

👍 A community with events, seminars, recipe help or exchanges and support to help you change!


Big Box Gyms

😒 Personal training that's mostly boilerplate.

🙄 Hit and miss. 30% have degrees, most have minimal training

😖 Nada

😳 Buy our supplements!

😭 Not feeling it? Whatever ...

😕 Nope

😐 Depends on how experienced trainer is.

🙄 Tend to be ego heavy.

😐 Variable

😠 Initiation fees common.

😡 Auto billed membership fees, hard to cancel.

😕 Big and crowded, impersonal.

😞 Volume based training that doesn't extend to your life outside the gym.

😢 You're on your own.

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