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Affordable Semi-Private Training

Get The Benefits of Private Training at a Lower Cost

Personalized attention in small exclusive group setting, limited to 4 to 5 people


It is true that we offer a truly unique lifestyle based Personal Training program loaded with our unique and life-changing 5-Power Pillar Coaching System that helps our clients find results that last a lifetime.

And truth be told, there is nothing more powerful when it comes to making personal change to your health and fitness.

But in reality, our Personal Training program may not be for everyone and if you are in that camp, I want to introduce you to our latest service…

Semiprivate Personal Training

Semiprivate Personal Training is essentially a hybrid between group fitness and Personal Training. Here is a summary of what you will receive and/or expect:

  • Groups consist of 4-5 people maximum.
  • You will work in groups with similar fitness interests and with similar fitness levels to ensure that your program will favor your fitness goals and be within your current fitness capacity. In other words, you are getting a program that is “semi-customized” to your needs. It is the exact same as a fully customized Personal Training program? No, but it is the next best thing.
  • You can save money! Typically, you will save around $15-20/session as compared to our one-on-one Personal Training. So if you are on a tight budget and you can’t afford the one-on-one, this might be your best bet.
  • If you enjoy the energy that you get from group fitness, this offers similar results. It is also great for added accountability because you can partner up with people in your group as accountability partners.
  • Your trainer will switch your program up regularly so that your body does not become stale or stagnant. Plataea’s be damned! 😉

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