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This is what most people think of when they envision hiring a Personal Trainer… and for good reason! Although there are some similarities with other “big-box gyms” I will also describe some key differences.   Below is a description of what you can expect to get from our Level I Personal Training Services:

Level I Personal Training Service includes the following:


  • One-on-One customized Personal Training Program
  • Body composition testing (body fat %, measurements, ect)
  • Flexibility Training
  • Once per week meeting with your trainer as a minimum.  You can elect to go more than once per week.
  • 24/7 gym access at NO additional cost
  • Sport specific training upon request
  • Goal setting and barrier resolution
  • Regular accountability & motivation
  • Corrective exercise (for postural and joint issues and post-injury rehab training)
  • Group and family training (up to 3 people)
  • 45-minute sessions


“So how is Level I Personal Training any different from what I would get at a big-box gym”?


Great question!


There are many differences but let’s start with the level of qualification.  Most of our trainers have a 4-year degree in Exercise Science and/or they are certified through accredited certifying bodies such as NASM, ACSM, NSCA or the CHEK Institute.  All of these are world-class certifying bodies that emerge from an almost endless list of watered down “certifying bodies” that even includes gyms themselves (name your favorite big-box gym and rest assured that they can certify their trainers over a weekend…I am not kidding).

In addition to the educational aspect, our trainers’ practice what they preach by living and breathing the lifestyle that they are teaching.  Our trainers are passionate about what they do and very eager to help others find a lifestyle of health and wellness. In addition, we provide an atmosphere that is free of judgement and hulking men that just can’t help but to look at themselves in the mirror every 5 seconds.

So…if you are looking to take your exercise routine to the next level, look no further than Lifelong Fitness Personal Training Gym.  We feature Personal Trainers of all ages and with different skill sets ranging from Geriatric Personal Training to Youth Personal Training and everything between!  You will never pay “initiation fee’s” or membership fee’s as you will with other gyms for 24/7 access and you will have the luxury of working out in a private gym that feels like your own.


If you find yourself in a place of frustration because you have slowly been gaining weight, and/or been losing energy over the years then Level II might be for you.  In this truly unique training service you will be taken on wild journey of LIFESTYLE CHANGE!  Yes you heard that right…Level 2 is a completely different ball game for those that what to make a permanent change to their health and fitness.  You will find NOTHING like this in Northern Utah.  Don’t believe me? Check this out…

Here is what you get with Level II training:



  • EVERYTHING listed from Level I (see the description above)
  • A specific calorie range tailored to your unique metabolic needs (rather than just a popular calorie range on the internet)
  • Specific macro-nutrient ratio’s (carbs, protein, fat) again according to your unique metabolic needs
  • Menu planning.  As a special note here, the goal of our menu planning is to get you self-sufficient as quickly as possible so that you can live autonomously.
  • Grocery Store Coaching
  • Food Tracking and analysis
  • Continued nutritional coaching every time you meet with your trainer
  • A comprehensive client manual and guidebook that is LOADED with everything from meal plans, recipes, nutritional information, and teaching tools to help you master your new lifestyle!
  • Access to The Nutrition is Life Training Series 


This is a powerhouse 6-week training series that you will watch on your own time and report to your trainer.  This life-changing series will teach you the forgotten fundamentals on how to life a healthy and nutritious lifestyle without making it complicated!  The goal of this training series is to help you understand how SIMPLE nutrition really is despite all of the confusion in the media. You will be asked to check in with your coach every week and report your progress on the training series.  


Your coach will then further elaborate on the key-points for the week. Please read our “10 Very Good Reasons To Join Lifelong Fitness” page.


The Lifelong Fitness Weight Loss Funnel


This is the ultimate weight loss system uniquely designed around lifestyle change!  It is a fool-proof system that will help you lose weight and gain muscle regardless of your age and/or current lifestyle.  The “funnel” is a coaching system that your coach will take your through on a step-by-step basis. You will learn how to master new habits one at a time and thereby step into a healthy lifestyle over time.  


This is the flagship service of Lifelong Fitness and it includes everything mentioned in Levels I & II.  Level III coaching takes it to a whole new level. In this level of coaching you will meet with a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach who will help you deal with deeper physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that have precluded your success with more traditional approaches.


If you have ever felt like you have “tried everything” but still not gotten results this service may be for you.  We only have 2 certified coached on staff so time slots are very limited, and we only accept clients on a case-by-case basis.  Please give us a call and find out if this level of coaching is appropriate for you.

The Lifelong Fitness 5 Phase Weight Loss Bonus

All clients in level 2 or 3 packages will be equipped with our proprietary 5 Phase Weight Loss Bonus

 Phase #1 Transitioning to 80/20 Living


During this phase of the funnel the sole focus is to help you transition your eating habits from processed foods to whole foods.  The average American currently eats 70% of their diet in the form of processed foods. These foods are characterized by high refined sugar, salt, fat, additives, preservatives and artificial colors and flavorings.  


Your coach will help you transition your diet to 80% whole foods (natural foods that come from the earth and are minimally processed) and 20% processed foods. This ratio is designed to help you avoid extremes and allow you to enjoy the “occasional treat” so that you can let your hair down and enjoy life when appropriate.  During this phase will ask you to do the following:


Track your food.  You will do this until you reach 80/20 living and then you can discontinue the practice.  This will allow your coach to peer into your diet and help you along your journey!

  • Increase your water intake
  • Systematically reduce refined (processed) sugar and processed foods in general
  • Increase veggie intake
  • Meal prep and food prep
  • Condition your MIND for the long-haul (to be honest nutritional change  is at least 50% mental)


Phase #2: Accelerated Weight Loss Through Blood  Sugar Control & Inflammation Control

If you face a weight loss plateau in the first phase you will be asked to enter Phase II in which the focus shifts into inflammation control.  What most people don’t realize is that inflammation is a major player in the weight loss equation BEYOND just calories and exercise. During this phase your coach will work with you in transitioning into a 100% whole food diet (don’t worry it is temporary) so that your body can heal from inflammation.

Your coach will also help you identify foods that cause you inflammation and will help you eliminate them from your diet.  To summarize this phase, it is all about ALLOWING your body to heal from lifestyle and dietary choices that have caused excessive inflammation in the first place.  

Phase #3: Metabolic Specific Macro’s

One of the main reason’s that nutrition is confusing stems from the fact that there are a millions different “macro-nutrient ratio’s”, “calorie ranges” and forbidden food items.  One diet will tell you that carbohydrates are evil and that you should avoid them while another tells you to eat exactly 30%! Who are you to believe?

During this phase of the coaching you will learn what makes your body likes based on what it is telling you.  We will help you discover what ratios of carbs, protein, and fat your body prefers and more than anything we will teach you the art of INTUITION!  Everybody is different and there is never a one-size-fits-all approach.


Phase #4: Cleansing


During this phase you will be introduced to a cleanse that is aimed at restoring your gut function and boosting your metabolism and immunity.  This is a true cleanse that is unlike the 3-day cleanses that you purchase at a health food store. This cleanse is certainly not for everybody, but we have it for those that face plateau’s and are committed to drastically improving their health.


Phase #5: Hidden Food Intolerance


If all else fails, this is where we will refer you out to one of our preferred providers to test for hidden food intolerances.  These are the food sensitivities that may have escaped the second phase of the funnel. Keep in mind a very small percentage of people will ever need to go through this phase, but we have it to make sure that our weight loss funnel is bullet proof.


To summarize, Level II coaching is all about helping you optimize your lifestyle and doing it in a way that will work with your current situation.  It is truly unique in the state of Utah and we could not be prouder of how many lives it has changed for the better. This level of training is intended for those that want to make true change in their lives and form habits that will last a lifetime. 


Please consider getting a FREE CONSULTATION where you can sit down with a trainer and find out if this level of training is for you!

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