I know this is a very direct question and it deserves a very direct answer.

But before you answer it for yourself I would like to try and persuade you to the positive side of this question. 😉

I have worked with countless clients over the years that seem to think that the effort that is needed to live a healthy lifestyle far outweighs the benefits. They don’t often say it that bluntly, but they do say things like the following:

“I don’t mind exercising but it is just so hard to find the time”


“I would love to get in better shape but I also want to live life and living that kind of lifestyle seems overly restrictive”


“I don’t mind exercising but every time I get into a groove I seem to get a curveball from life that throws me off the wagon…its so frustrating!

What Is The Common Theme To These Excuses?

Can you see the common theme to these and other like-minded excuses?

The common theme is that the person making them is seeing personal change (getting in better shape) as something that is PAINFUL!

The dirty little secret is that we human beings are hardwired for survival, and that hardwiring boils down to two very basic instincts and physiological facts that are wired in your nervous system:

#1: Avoid pain

#2: Seek pleasure

Are You Viewing Your Fitness Journey as PAINFUL?

If we want to get to the real reason that your efforts to get into the best shape of your life are failing, it will inevitably come down to the fact that you are viewing your fitness journey as painful.

If you are fighting me on this please consider the following:

When you are asked to stop eating the foods or drinks that you love that equals pain.

When you are asked to exercise when you are out of shape that equates both physical and mental pain.

When you are asked to take time to prepare your food rather than eat out that equals pain too.

And the list goes on…

You Must Start Viewing Your Transformation as Pleasurable!

I know this is easier said than done but it is for sure doable! The following are 2 powerful tips that you can use:

Tip #1: Begin With The End in Mind!

Write yourself out a vision of what you want your life to look like after you have gotten into the best shape of your life. How do you feel? What do you look like and feel like? See yourself as confidant and full of energy and write your personal vision in a way that will inspire you and fill you with hope.

Tip #2: Reframe Your Pain!

Every time you catch yourself linking your fitness journey to pain (i.e., “oh man I have to workout now…I am so beat and I don’t want too!”), quickly catch yourself in the moment and realize that you are putting yourself into a pain-based frame of mind. When that happens you will instinctually try to withdraw from that state of pain and return to pleasure (see the two laws aforementioned). That’s why the majority of people see the gym and then quickly see it in their rear-view mirror as they head home to some ice cream and Netflix.

Once you catch yourself in that moment of awareness you have the opportunity to reframe whatever negative statement is running through your head.

For example when you catch yourself thinking something like, “I really should workout right now but my lower back is sore and I don’t have any energy”, you can quickly reframe it to something like, “I am excited to workout right now because I know that it will help me have more energy and heal my lower back which hurts in the first place because it is too weak!”.

Stay In The Pleasure!

The more that you can reframe the hard things as pleasurable things the sooner you will begin to recondition your mind and your nervous system to empower you rather than sabotage you through old programming and limiting beliefs.

Keep at it. This takes a lot of time and you have to stay committed for it to work, but once you get in the habit of reframing your pain to pleasure you will indeed have more please in your life through increased health and fitness.

And guess what?


Life is Good!


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